New sprockets EGO by GANDINI (Patent Pending)

Gandini Race presents EGO, the revolutionary mono-block sprocket with an exclusive design, a new benchmark in the final transmission system in terms of efficiency and performance. The Racing Department of Gandini Ingranaggi Srl, reveals its latest creation to the world, designed, built and patented with the latest techniques, addressing to the world of competitions.

EGO is therefore the reference point for the category in the final transmission system on motorcycles in terms of mass, smoothness and wear resistance: three goals achieved by Gandini Race, an optimization work that involved different design aspects, starting from the sprocket carrier-will’s elimination.
This new mono-block sprocket integrates into a single element both the toothed wheel and the hub that transmits the motion directly to the rim.

In July 2019 with the rider Lorenzo Dalla Porta and the Leopard Racing Team the new world champions in Moto3, we had develop and patent EGO a new technical design of motorcycle sprockets, reproducible for any type, model and toothing.